Today i had a good time together with one of my favorite Amelia issues. As usual i started to masturbate with them and later I cummed inside to a beautiful girl with a sexy donut bun with yellow flowers around. Her earings is amazing! I couldnt resist her beauty, my orgasm and cumblast was a fact!.(I used a cum protector, I didnt  waste my favorite Amelia issue)

I dont upload the result or my masturbating. Just some pics of the mag and cumtarget 🙂

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  1. Very nice choice for a cumshot!
    You can upload your cumshot pictures in your personal profil if you want, so you can share with those who are interesting to see.

  2. Amelia! what great memories it recall 🙂 I remember seeing the young women evry time it came out. All women was reading it! At bustops, in trains etc etc.

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