Sep 102019


  9 Responses to “Another UK magazine gone!!”

  1. It’s so sad to see!

  2. Wow a big loss, but at the same time not surprising. Marie Claire UK specifically was quite weak.

  3. I was about share the same dreadful news.
    Gutted but then again it’s not been the best of late. So maybe not the greatest loss.

  4. That’s awful. The USA version just drastically reduced the paper quality with this year’s September issue. I picked it up and thought it felt so cheap that I didn’t even bother buying it even though I was excited to see Cara on the cover. It seems like the USA version is on the way out too.

    • I just had the same issue with Elle and InStyle this year. Simply disappointing here in the US. I am transitioning to more obscure and ezpensive magazines and used magazines from the golden age. I rather have one incredibly good magazine than 12 issues of mediocre magazines.

  5. Marie Claire UK years ago was super glossy and quite thick and heavy, what a loss to us.

    • Indeed. I still have a few high gloss & big size Marie Claire UK issues from late 90’s – early 00’s.
      The future for print magazine seems hopeless and dark – so sad.

  6. So sad to see! Luckily in my country (while we lost Cosmo) Marie Claire and L’officiel launched their new editions

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