Dont get me wrong, i love all mags, but for some reason i find fashion catalogs the sexiest!! I used to own quite the collection

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  1. Catalogs were always the most available to me as a kid, so yes, I love catalogs too! Sadly, Victoria’s Secret stopped sending catalogs last year which pretty much killed my interest in catalogs since that was always my favorite by far! I still have a pretty good collection of VS catalogs though!

  2. My wife gets a catalog from a company called “NorthStyle”. The clothes aren’t really sexy, but I have become obsessed with the women in it. I can’t wait to find a new one in the mailbox and enjoy it as soon as it lands in the recycling bin.

  3. I like fashion catalogs since my childhood. Now i am adult and I still Not stopped haben fun wird them.

    Want maybe to Talk and exchange about our Obsession? ^^

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