Has anyone sourced magazines from asia? I’m thinking Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan.

I only ask because I think you would be pleasantly surprised. They have some of the better prints of Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire and InStyle I’d say.

The paper stock is much better. Some of the celebrity covers are unique (maybe they use the unpopular photo taken by the photographer) and Harper’s Bazaar is the largest format I have come across (like VOGUE Nippon). They are a beaut!

Comparison of Harper’s Bazaar US attached (and no its not a travel size).

Honestly, I think all the US editions are nasty quality in comparison to anywhere else.

Also hello, I decided today to sign up, I only found this a couple of months ago but its been 17/18 years since I knew I was hooked to magazines. Perhaps I’ll post my story sometime.

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  1. First of all, welcome here!

    And yeah, in Asia, there are some very good magazines, especially about quality of paper and dimensions.
    Japan is quite famous for that.

    I personnaly have some magazines from Singapore, Thailand and Kazakhstan. And nothing disapointing.

    1. Thanks :))

      Yeah I’ve noticed that Japan’s Harper’s Bazaar prior to 2010 I think were similar, large format but have now moved to a smaller size but still great quality nonetheless.

  2. Extremely late reply, I live there, but let me tell you they are really hard to come by. The articles are also tend to be… too much words not much pictures, you know what I mean? It’s also very hard to find one with proper price. For example, that one you pointed out costs Rp. 56.000 (roughly $3 in today’s money). But that’s 2006 edition and today the official price for one already balooned up to almost twice of that, add in unexplainable 20% extra on top of that for the street price and they’re just not worth it (for me at least)

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