Mar 092021

Unfortunatly i have to empty the basement. I have dozens of italian magazines that I don’t want throw on the bin. (Most of them from year 2010 to 2020..many vanity, some cosmo, glamour, elle, amica, grazia, gq, max 2005 2007 and many other). Any one (especially italians) interested on my collection? In pictures just some of the whole collection.

  5 Responses to “Anyone interested on my collection?”

  1. I would be, i dont live in italy tho

  2. IO, sono molto interessato se parli italiano meglio ancora,
    if don’t speak italian no problem but im interessed..
    I have been collecting Italian magazines for years..

  3. I may be interested in Amica & Grazia – would yu be able to send to Belgium? I also woud like to see the Amica’s How many you have? Amica & Grazia thanks

  4. Hi!
    Do you pictures of the whole collection you get rid of ? Thank you !