Do you ever scour pages of magazines for sale on eBay?
Then succumb to buying one you keep thinking about? I did, I love the fact some woman(hopefully!) has gone to the bother of packaging and paying this just for me!

I’m into Natalie Portman just now trying to put together a collection of her. Never had a collection of one hot celeb before. “Her force isn’t strong “!

Always wanted to try this mag too. It’s great! Loads of good pictures and feels sexy on my lightsaber.

Apologies my first shot went right past the magazine!!



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  1. I love buying magazines on ebay! I love the idea of them being owned by a woman previously, but I’m probably more turned on by the idea of another magazine obsessed man owning them before me. The thought of another man having previously jacked off and cummed on the mags that I’m holding turns me on so much.

    1. Cool. But why would you jack off to woman if you’re Gay? Just out of interest? I’ve got gay friends when o ask them this they can’t quite explain it. Lol. Take care all the best. Hope question doesn’t offend.

  2. I love Porter!
    Its a bit of an odd ball. Theyre not typical high fashion magazines. Theyre like ‘rich vineyard owning and yacht’ lifestyle magazines. Its such a good magazine.
    Print is fantastic. But lacking perfume ads

    1. I also love buying (and selling) on ebay too. Even more so on the local buy and sell sites. All the fashion magazines and usually owned by women. And they always wonder what the hell a 30s something male is buying second hand magazines off of them.
      “Oh my wife collects, and uses the majority in her classroom.”
      Ive bought off of so many attracive women and it definitely helps with the fun I have at home.

      PM if youre looking for more Natalie Portman. My wife loves her too and she has a bunch of issues that shes done with

      1. I love the idea of a posh mag from a posh woman. Sometimes I try and search on FB who has sent the mag if there is a return address on the envelope. It’s live someone has supplied me with a jack off. . Sometimes I hope they tell their girlfriends they’ve just posted off a fashion magazine to a guy.

  3. I love Porter. Silky smooth pages that feel good on the balls. Beautiful smelling paper. I love the “high society” feel – I get off thinking about some posh woman reading it.

    I love buying magazines on eBay. I have been buying from one woman for the past couple of years and we talk about magazines all the time. One time she was talking about how much she likes “really thick issues” – I still get hard thinking about her saying that.

    1. That’s hot. I once got a small hand written note from a seller. Hoping I would enjoy the bought magazine. Not sure if it was suggesting my real reason for buying it. But it definitely added to the experience. Sometimes also you get and can give suggestion comments on the eBay feedback Ona purchase. That’s hot too

  4. Must say now Marie Claire and Glamour has gone in the Uk it’s time to experiment with other magazines.
    I’ve tried a few Tatlers this year. Also might see what Wanderlust,L’official, etc have to offer

  5. Great post. Thanks for sharing. I love Natalie, too and I have this issue. The September issue of UK HB is a gorgeous issue with Natalie. I expect you have that already 🙂

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