I’ve always wanted to try one of these clutch bags with fashion magazine clutch bags. A bit of a magazine bucket list thing.

It does not disappoint. Still nice and smooth, smells of woman. Or the one that sold.me it on Ebay. I get hard about thinking of her packing and sending this. I hope she wondered what I would do with this.

And Karlie loved watching

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      1. Me too, But not as hot as this bags.
        I have a few glossy purses that I fuck often. I parfume them and fill them with Lipgloss,lighters,cigarettes,mascara and make-up mirrors. Opens up a hole and fuck it and cum inside. I just LOVE doing this.

        1. Love this idea Donnie. I fucked clutch bags and big bags over the years. I love having a big bag opened up with magazines in it and jizzing all on it over the magazines too.

          But I’ll try your idea.

          I’d love a hot woman dressed nice a Christmas party night doing this too me with the clutch bag.

          1. Yes it is a great feeling doing this. It all started when I was a youth, My mother friends was over for a evening party and most of them hang their bags at the entrance. When I heard them go outside to the garden I study their purses and bags. The aroma of the female bags made me soo hard and I then started to masturbate. I did not cum the first time in any bag, but when I grow more confident I couldnt hold myself. I fucked one bag so hard and felt the stuff inside the bag touching my cock as I lubricate. I cum alot. This continued a coulpe of times before my mother friends stopped visiting. :-).

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