My lovely ELLE

  I think I will have soon fun with this issue of ELLE with Emma Watson..would love to have someone suck my cock while browsing the pages and then make it spurt all over her face..

My Sunday morning fun

  As I have moved to Romania..I guess I have to get used to local magazines. This Marie Claire is quite thin, but I think I will enjoy it in a few minutes..

No words needed

Who is the first who is gonna have fun with this issue? I guess it will be very very thick..

Emily Ratajkowski InStyle US

And for our American friends..don’t miss this issue. I haven’t yet sprayed my cum all over a hot cover of Emily Ratajkowski but this magazine really screams for some wild fetish magazine action..

Vogue UK March

OK who is going to fuck this issue and post the results here? 🙂 So bad I am not from the UK, I would really love to enjoy the party..

Vogue UK February Issue

Has anyone from UK got this? I browsed through this glossy because of my job (yeah, I love it) and I found it quite hot..would love to do nasty things with it, for example creaming those 3 beauties on the cover with my milk..