Magazine Sale

  I have a lot of magazines. I have WAAAY too many magazines. I have too many to count. I could go through the hassle of Ebay, but I can’t be bothered to list them all. Would any of you UK folks like to purchase about 650 magazines – I’d want less than £1 each […]

You can only save three!

I’m sorry to say your magazine collection is having an unspecified disaster. You only get to save three. Which ones are they?

Let’s go fu*king Global!

As someone mentioned in a previous thread, Picclick has a nice aggregation of photos, but they’re basically a site that accumulates pics from the well-known sale sites like Ebay, and displays them in a more dense way. I don’t dislike it – some are of pics that Ebay has already sold, and I might not […]


I strongly suspect that I’ve been bidding against some of you regularly.. If you can post what you’re bidding for on Ebay.Co.Uk I’ll be delighted to refrain from competing with you so you can get what you want!