As someone mentioned in a previous thread, Picclick has a nice aggregation of photos, but they’re basically a site that accumulates pics from the well-known sale sites like Ebay, and displays them in a more dense way. I don’t dislike it – some are of pics that Ebay has already sold, and I might not have seen, so I do have a look through sometimes.

I’ve previously listed some sites good for International magazine buying, but here’s a more comprehensive list. Most have good size photos when you expand the original image, then right-click and “Open In New Tab”…

This is the German Ebay “small adverts” site – no commission but no direct way to pay. You’re WAY more likely to find a collection of 40-200 magazines being sold here than you would ever do on
Use Google Translate if you don’t speak the language, explain that you’re from X Country, and ask if the seller can accept Paypal or however you can directly pay. I sad before somewhere, the German women are some of the MOST helpful people I’ve ever found when it comes to selling/buying magazines.

OK, more sites…. – This is the search result just for “Viva” magazine in the Netherlands – If you search for other magazines, the site is set to the “Magazine” category, so just type what you’d like into the search bar. I have to say – the Netherlands is one of the best magazine nations on earth…. Try searching for “Elegance”, “Nouveau” “Vogue” “Elle” “Cosmopolitan” “Glamour” “Marie Claire” and for you younger members of MagazineFetish with a yearning for nostalgia, Dutch “Cosmo Girl!” is still going, and is often delightful.

Next – and probably my own personal favourite – Denmark.
Bloody hell, Denmark, you kick ass when it comes to magazines.
You’ll want this – It’s the search for “Woman”, which I can attest is absolutely freaking delightful…

Other Danish magazines are “LIV” “Eurowoman” – which is AMAZING, Bazar, and, best of all “Costume”. Costume isn’t just good – it’s beautiful, delightful, sexy, and the paper quality is ASTRONOMICAL”. That’s not a joke – buy Costume. There are also many others, and if their covers are indicative – Denmark has some of the world’s best magazines. No Joke.

France…. – Ebay is one of the best for French magazines – unless you want a particularly rare edition…..
If not, they’re NOT cheap – it just cost me about 18 Euro (i paid in £GB) for what is probably Diane Kruger’s first ever cover – 1995 BIBA. Go to – and if that doesn’t work, go to
As I said – not cheap, but if you want the REALLY rare editions- they’re you’re place.

British Magazines – there’s allegedly a few, but the last 2 I tried to buy from aren’t trading. If you’re REALLY in need of a UK edition, go to
They have a sneaky website – if you try to look at more than 4-5 pages, the site will claim it’s “Offline Due To Maintenence”. It isn’t – they’re just trying to save on bandwidth because I’m certain that they’re hosting it themselves. Register for the site, and if you get any “not available” messages, contact the site owner. They’re expensive magazines, but many are as rare as Unicorn Shit. The site owner is a good guy, and WILL often do bulk purchase discounts.

Ebay Italy: Just buy everything. None of it will disappoint you.
Austria ISN’T Germany – and they have their own magazines. You’ll want “Woman” “Miss” and “Diva”.
You never realised you wanted Hungarian magazines until now. A lot of the popular names are available – but “Maxima” is a local beauty.
Turkish Ebay – The choice isn’t huge, but the quality is good, and bless those Turkish women – they obviously like REALLY good quality paper – and so will you. Paypal is MASSIVELY rare here – but some sellers do, and it won’t ever hurt to ask – the Turkish ladies are generally delightful sellers.
If you are unable to cum to one of the decent amount of Polish magazine covers – go see a doctor. No offence you really do need medical help.. DON’T buy Polish Cosmopolitan – It’s a weird 75% size, and the paper quality isn’t great. If you like your women edgy and modern, DO buy Zwierciadlo – it’s on the “Avant Garde” side, but, OMG that paper quality…

Welcome to Spain! A beautiful country, with one of the most awful EBAY selections for the size of population. Find rare magazines at

Mexico – I’ve never found a decent dediacated seller – go to the US version of ebay for most

South American Nations – FUCKING WOW! No shit, I’ve purchased a few, but magazines are/were VERY popular here until very recently. and they still sell a few…

BUY OHLALA. Then buy some more. You WILL NOT regret it. Thick magazines – the sort of “creamy soft” texture that’ll make you shoot your load into a Mars orbit, and if you’re really accurate you’ll be able to explode Elon’s Roadster, 15 million miles away, after a few minutes of seeing their swimwear editions.
Go for, and use other top-level-domains: there’s many sites, and their magazines are GORGEOUS.

Cosmopolitan fans – look to Brazil – The magazine there is usually called “Nova” – sometimes “Cosmopolitan Nova” – and it’s a fucking delight. Again, the paper quality is as soft as silk, and, remember, this is Brazil, they don’t go for subtlety in their editorials: in many other places the pics would be half-porn. Not joking.

Honourable mentions:
Elle Canada – Crap paper, but WAAAY better than US Elle for photography
Bazaar Kazakhstan – Nope, not a joke, this really does exist, and it’s not a translated clone of the Russian version. My missus is Kyrgyz – there’s a few minor differences in their language, but as she says – “The Kazakhs and Kyrgyz are the same people – the Kazakhs live on the plain, and we live in the mountains”. Not even joking, it’s the VERY first high-quality magazine from nomadic Central Asia – I love it, but more importantly, my missus Salta, who is EXACTLY who the magazine is aimed at, loves it. You’ll love it too, even just if it’s because it’s very different to your normal delights.

That’s not all, but it’s all I can think of right now. I know there’s many of you in different countries all over the world. So…. Tell us where we can get the rare and beautiful magazines that we can’t get at home, wherever you’re living!

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  1. Thank you for this contribution !

    I can say for France, there is also: — But maybe people won’t send abroad, it depends on them… — Also a lot of choice, similar as Ebay — Professional site, for all current issues, worldwide delivery.

    You mentionned Kazakh Bazaar, I would say also the Cosmopolitan Kazakh is quite good quality. (Im quite in a similar situation as you 😉 )

    And also, last time I bought ELLE Polish: avoid it, the quality is very bad…

    Now I have question:

    – Does anyone know how can I buy the last issue of ELLE NORWAY and Vogue Australia ?

    1. Elle Poland since 2020 uses Eco paper so avoid.

      If you want new magazine from Poland avoid eBay. they are overpriced. use

      From others Polish magazine Zwierciadło is Good but it could have not glossy cover.
      Vogue Poland has the Best quality from all.
      Recently i Fall in love in Nails Trendy but sometimes their covers arent glossy.,p1263500641,prasa-p
      Avoid Polish Glamour. Covers are glossy but i side like toilet paper.
      Twój styl and Pani are quite Good but quality dropped.

      Bazaar Cosmo and Joy are dead in Poland so we dont have much magazine ;(

      ID you want more about polish magazine text me.

      nvm from Poland

  2. And to add, anything from Asia appears to have high quality print. I’ve gotten Vogue Japan, Vogue Taiwan, Vogue China, Harper’s Bazaar China, and Elle China. Taiwan can be challenging to obtain on ebay, but there are no shortage of Chinese sellers, and Japanese.

    Of course generally anything Vogue you can get from Conde Nast Worldwide News they generally stock back issues up to 6 months.

  3. Good post! If the customs of my country were not so complicated or there were so many taxes, I would buy many more international magazines. A good magazine can cost me almost u$s 100 if I try to import it.

    That said, +1 in Ohlala magazines. I’ve some special fashion editions of that magazine and it’s just pages after pages of fashion, make up, editorials, shoes, etc.

  4. Excellent post / thread. It will help a lot us to find what we want and do good purchases.
    About brazillian magazines, You need find any olders editions of Nova: before 2010’s the paper was better.
    Another ones that I like are: Corpo A Corpo and Boa Forma. Both are fitness magazines, but no longer published since some years ago.
    Corpo a Corpo usually is tickier than boa forma and the paper is good to load on. Search the spring / Summer editions, cause they have photos of women wearing bikinis.
    ( Remember, south emisphere the seasons are opposite, look for Editions from september to february).

  5. Great post ! Thank you , i tried to register to the german ebay add one , but i does not work , can you tell me how you made it through ? Thank you very much

  6. How did you find ordering magazines using I don’t speak Spanish or Portuguese so really don’t know what I’m doing on that site.

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