Even the women

Well even the women are reading our mags according to the mail lmao

Area searching for used vogue magazines

Kent to manchester I have drawn a blank to buying magazine where i can go to the houses an personally collet but around my home area of wythenshawe theres hundreds from 50p a mag to bundles for £10 i get very aroused when collecting them


is anybody into these kind of mags what a price gor 6 kinky tattoo mags

Tapping my manhood with a GLOSSY

Well i have been looking for diffrent things to do with different magazines an hitting tapping my manhood when hard can actually bring me off Also love rollong into tube lubinf with vasline an …. well you kniw getting very naughty am away in rochdale at the moment but will have fair few mags and […]

Want to be used as i read my magazines

Well fetishism people as a bisexual crossdressing glossy lover id seriously love to read a few mags as i am on all 4s being taken by a sexy vwe guy. Any one had this pleasure


finding this mag very sexy why do we get turmed on by magazines an newspaper


So do any of you enjoy glossy fhm mags looking tgeres a few local to me this lady does house clearance so tempted

Magazines in bag

5 mags in my bag plus lube an newspapers on way up north need meet with a mag fetish tvts mail me