Well fetishism people as a bisexual crossdressing glossy lover id seriously love to read a few mags as i am on all 4s being taken by a sexy vwe guy. Any one had this pleasure

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    1. I’d absolutely love this! To have my face buried in magazines, inhaling the sexy aroma of the pages, and have a guy deep inside of me! Getting very excited at just the thought!

  1. This is my dream! To be covered in magazines while wearing lingerie, and being used by a hung stud! He could lay out his favorite mag on me and flip through it while he pounds me. Maybe bend me over and pound me doggy style while spanking me with a thick, heavy September issue!

  2. Many years ago, a guy I had met took me behind an old school building. I was wearing a purple plastic jelly jacket and had brand new copies of ‘TEEN and Seventeen with me. I will never forget clutching the‘TEEN to my chest while he plowed my sissy hole and spanked me with the Seventeen.

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