Dec 122018

Does anyone else really like the back cover of a magazine? especially if it’s a make up or perfume ad, 2E1C78A2-FCFB-42CC-8F8B-EECADDFC4962really turns me on !

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  1. I love back covers. I now usually check the back before deciding on what shag mags to buy. I love having a few Natalie Portman ones I can really go all night for her.

  2. Omg i love the back cover with Charlize

  3. Love it when your feeling a little ‘shy’ and carrying your latest magazine, trying to disguise it’s a gorgeous Fem glossy by having the back cover showing to the world, to then find its screaming femininity to everyone that looks!

    • This is the best! Often when I’m buying mags at the store, I’ll have the cover down in my shopping cart, or if I’m carrying it, I’ll have the cover facing my body, and when the back cover is especially feminine like that, it’s really hot because everyone can still easily tell what kind of mag I’m buying.

      • Exactly! I totally agree. Sometimes the rear cover offers no refuge at all! And that’s hot. I really liked the season when that KStew CHANEL add was everywhere (above). People could see i was fashion mag freak from 20 paces away.

  4. And Lily Rose for the CHANEL No 5 was a gorgeous run, too.

  5. Ads and back covers are one of the best things with mags.
    The ad for Chanel with Kirsten Stewart makes me really hard. Gorgeous ad!

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