My friends. Today my attention was directed towards madeline ASMR’s new video on youtube  in wiche she in the start and the begining metions some of us, our page and community.

But not positive!! She describe us as “wierdoes” and she makes us look like sick perverted people!!

As a result I have suggested to our Admin, the he contact her and give an officiel response on behalf of our page, I wonder if anyone here has tried to cheat her to make free stuff or in any other way pissed her off??

I think we should think about this situation and find a way to make the page and community stronger.


Just some thoughts


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  1. Oh god I fell so misunderstood 🙁 Hate then people went after her the way she said!
    Even tried to get things for free!, Fair enough to ask if you could transfer her some money for magazines or something, she can just say no.
    But no means no guys. She clearly dont want this.

    It did hit me kinda hard, because I felt wrong about hole my life, for liking magazines more then porn. And this did not help.

    For me, i think getting turned on, by a beautiful woman, fully dressed, reading a magazine, is less demeaning for woman, then watching spearm lovers on pornhub.

    But I get,. that if some member wrote to her, that he wanted her to put the magazine in her asshole, she would get quite upset!

    Well, this was not the attention we needed. I think we need this site, not to be so puplic in the future .

  2. Have you guys ever thought about not sending lewd and sexual comments. Keep that stuff all private.

    There is reason I have been barely active in this community because of its tolerance for pedophiles and the general unwarranted and unsolicited sexual comments with things like this.

  3. tolerance for pedophiles??? has there ever been a magazine cover on this site, with children less then 15 years old?
    And still, that would be the same, and a calling a ballon fetishist a pedo, because ballons are kids toys.

    No one on this site, has said they wanted to have sex with kids, or anything like that.

  4. To make things clear to FashionLover! There is no tolerance at all for pedophiles on this site!! This site and its admins have take action whenever there was a question about if the content was allowable on this site, and I have never seen pedophile content here!!!

  5. Hi guys.
    First, about Madeline, someone used to share her video here, and she didn’t appreciate that. I actually talked to her that time, and she told me that she doesn’t agree to be part of this.
    But the things is she was upset, then i was upset and the conversation ended fast.
    But now i realized i shouldn’t be upset. And it is her right to not want to be part of our fantasies.
    As decision, i will talk to her again, and also delete the previous post about her. If you guys want to continue to follow her, just do directly on her YouTube channel.

    About her comments about us, and calling us ‘weirdos’, i hope nobody took it bad. I will also talk to her about that. But for who were affected, please try to not take it personally, and don’t let anyone hurt your feelings.

    I myself admit that i am weird about liking that. But i just accept it and live happily with it.
    If Madeline don’t accept others people’s fetishes or hobbies, etc, it only concerns herself.

    Second, FashionLover, all forms of pedophilia is totally banned from here. And yes, some members love to write sexual comments. But even in our fetish, we are all different. I’d like everyone to feel free here. If someone cross the limits, i would see it.

    Have a great day/night all of you.

  6. Hello all,

    I watched the first bit of the video in question. And, this woman is certainly somewhat of a bitch towards our community. But just as any community that is not accepted in the ‘Norm’ (gays, trans, fetishes in general) we must persevere.

    Having been a magazine fetishist for over 30 years, and seeing the negativity I have experienced with certain females I have married or dated, I understand that some (or many) women may not get us. However, if you look at her video comments, there are some there that can put us in a bad light. One such comment is this from ‘TheProbe97’ 1 day ago:

    “Madeline what a gorgeous glossy ELLE, I have a fixation for women’s glossy fashion and beauty magazines. I love feeling and smelling their sweet scented pages and looking at all the gorgeous beauty ads snuggling into those beautiful soft shiny female pages. Thank you for your wonderful video’s”.

    While we find this sort of commentary benign and a compliment, many of the ‘norms’ do not feel this way.

    Anyway, I am not admonishing our group or anyone in it. I love our group, I love magazines and will continue to masturbate to them and deliver sweet, sweet cum tributes to their pages.

    However, I would remind us all that we are a private group and should stay that way.

    Jack xoxo

  7. I don’t know who she is. I don’t care who she is. She cares as little about me and what I am as I do about her or what she is. In that respect we have a mutual equality. She might be right, I might be the weirdo. I think she is a weirdo for narcisistic affirmation chasing, but again, it’s just my worthless opinion. Until I am required by a greater force to regard her with anything other than an alt-F4 I shan’t. She will now go back to being nothing to me. She’s had way more of my time (nearly 90 seconds) than she ever deserved.

    If you’re sending creepy messages to anybody, anywhere, try to not do that inappropriately. In her case, she clearly doesn’t like it, it’s over, move on to your next muse.

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