I get so aroused when reading cosmopolitan magazine in the bath. Anyone else? What do you read when you take a bath? Or…. Anything else?1541927220924-348431989

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    1. Yes, getting a new fashion magazine wet is a turn on for me to !
      They just start to melt. Once wet I play with them until there is nothing left of the magazine.
      Everyone should try it, use a thick Vogue magazine.

  1. Magazines in tub – one of my all time favorite games, but I do it on special occasions only, due to the massive sacrifice of many glossies at once.
    Checkout my story about my “Fashion Magazines Soup” routine on page 47.

  2. I absolutely LOVE reading cosmo in the bath! It just feels so feminine and I get so hard when I do it. My favorite was when I slipped on some ice outside during a snow storm, and my wife made me a bath to help ease my back pain, and she brought me a cosmo mag and said “I know how much you like cosmo!” It was kind of a problem because I kept getting hard while she was hanging out in the bathroom and I was reading my cosmo in the bath!

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