Almost new in 🙂 A couple of weeks old.

I had to buy these. I just love Lady Gaga and Demi Lovato. Got them from a local store near by, I had to concentrate not to get a hard-on while paying.  When I got home they both gave me a huge orgasm. Some good ads and stuff inside, Well worth!







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  1. I live in the U.K. and recently purchased a US import of InStyle as they stopped making the U.K. version some years back. I was very disappointed to be honest. The paper quality wasn’t as good as the old U.K. one, and the beautiful smell of the pages just wasn’t the same. Smelt too chemical like and not very magazine like.

    Went on EBay a few weeks back and purchased an old U.K. InStyle from 2013, all sealed and never been opened. I was in heaven! The glossy feel and that sexy smell of the pages was back in my arms! Lots of close up face images of sexy women inside for me to kiss and rub my cock all over. Including a sexy close up face pic of Cheryl Cole!

    1. They have lowered the quality considerable in the last few years. To be honest, I moved to buying used and foreign issues due to that. The only US fashion magazine that has kept its quality is Vogue and not all their issues are thick enough for my liking. Instagram killed our fetish.

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