Been a watcher on here for a while and decided to make an account and post!

I like all magazines but really have a thing for bridal magazines, bought a fair few in my time!

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  1. I actually started bridal magazine since 2 years. Unfortunately here in France, we don’t have nice ones (mostly they are in pocket format).
    So far, my favourite is the Greek one ‘Nifi’.
    It’s huge with good quality and nice photoshoot. But yeah, very hard to find it out of Greece unfortunately.
    I should give a try to the British ones.

  2. Welcome! Bridal magazines are the best, in my country one publication even comes with a hard cover sometimes. Paper quality, smell, glossiness and editorials are among the most romantic and femenine ever…

  3. I also adore bridal magazines. Used to buy every single issue in the uk of Brides and Wedding magazines. Sadly, as they take up so much room, I let so many of them go. Something I really regret, especially those from the 80s and 90s…..

  4. Heel Yes, Bridal Magazines are the ultimate imo. So thick, so heavy. Smells so divine with the most gorgeous dresses, make-up and jewellery. Being so thick she keeps me going. Sometimes I get dressed up as a bride while I ‘ready’

  5. I have loved and masturbated with BRIDES and all BRIDAL magazines for a long time, Love putting my powdered cock inside the magazine and stroking until orgasm, Its like having sex with a bride, or several brides. I have a mother of the Bride gown I bought off a lady, which I love to wear. Brides give great orgasms!!!

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