Hey everyone, I’m new around here and so very excited to finally find like minded people to chat and have fun with. I’ve been into magazines for over 30 years ever since I bought my first issue of Cosmo when I was 13. Anyway nots not why I’m posting. I am curious if any of you guys have ever messed around with Butt Plugs? I’ve always enjoyed my ass being played with but I’ve never let anyone fuck me. So finally I’m exploring butt plugs and I love them so far and I’d like to be able to wear them around most of the time. Just not sure what’s the best out there for that. I’d love to find a nice one that vibrates to music while I’m out during the day. Anyway any tips or help would be very much appreciated. Thx again for letting me join this amazing community!!

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  1. I will never understand it. Now the hemarrhoids are such a massive pain in the ass, I understand where “pain in the ass” comes from. I couldn’t try it even if I wanted to. It’s disgusting enough how bad my farts smell, I can’t imagine having to clean a dildo every time I feel like jacking off.
    And cleaning out my onehole when I’m done with it is also pretty churning, but at least it sluices out real quick and then it’s gone without making the house stink like a beach front public toilet.

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