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Bought this onebay about a month ago. Anyway this is thick and easily has over 100+ pages your cock would just love to burst over.

If you have ever had a magazine whereby when your going through the pages for the first time and teasing your cock. Jus t about everytime i turned the page i let a out a big gasp of breath. Honeslty i never made it to the end of the mag it was that hot and sexy.


Just wanted to pass on the reveiw.

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    1. Actually my second shot the next night she was wrapped round my cock as i banged her. my first burst was that strong it shot out over the top of the mag.

  1. Really hot! I love Kate Winslet! I may have to find myself a copy.
    Is there a database anywhere that shows whi has graced covers of any given magazine? Id love to have a few Kate Winslet mags!

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