Jan 082020
Another Glorious Night with the babes~

I went out of town and brought along some Cosmo mags, a toy, my leather skirt and leather jacket. I took some pics of me in my outfit and playing with my toy, I’ll leave the link to my xhamster gallery https://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/dressed-sissy-13162683    

Nov 272019
Fun night and a Fantasy

So far I’ve really enjoy plugging my ass up with my butt plug. But lately I’ve been wanting to get pegged more and more. I’ve also been looking up strap ons and diffident sexy girl outfits for when I get fucked by my girlfriend~ but tonight I had a little solo session with both of […]

Nov 232019
Morning fuck

this morning I was more horny than ever, so I pulled out Cardi B‘s issue of Cosmo and fucked it good if you look closely it looks like I got some cum on her tongue~ Also let me know what else you might want to see me post, or how I can improve. But send […]

Nov 042019
This is my mags fetish

Hello everyone! This is my collection of glossy women’s mags. I’m from Brazil and some of these mags may be new for You all. My fetish for woman mags started, when I was a young boy, about my 10 or 11 years, and I went to the dentist, meanwille I was waiting my time, I […]