Some of you asked where you can find my magazine fetish clips.

Here they are:

A glimpse of them below 😀

Glossy magazines masturbation 021 JOI and CEI with magazines for cumbitch 13 JOI and CEI with magazines for cumbitch 47 JOI and CEI with magazines for cumbitch 59 Eva masturbating to Elle magazine 34 2014-08-16_10-32-27-1682595

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    1. Oh yes please I am totally obsessed with gorgeous international thick sweet aroma women’s fashion bibles, I find them so addictive and would desire to be encapsulated in them?

  1. I would love you ladies take a magazine folded over to gently rub it on my butt and then spank me with the magazine, mmm that would be hot while the other one I’d in front of me flicking through the pages of a magazine giving me joi all over the magazine. Mmmm

  2. Hi Eva, nice to meet you here 🙂 I am the one giving all the escrows on extralunchmoney to you (without the video with steph and the ones with the playboy mags). Always loved your videos!!!!!

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