Nov 272016

Hey guys, By the way, I am the one who let the girls on extralunchmoney do the jobs…Wild eva and wet kelly and helena moeller made the videos for me, each approx. 30 $. So nice videos…the girls really understood what i like…and you guys violated my copyright by posting your logins here giving everybody […]

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Nov 202016
Some other Fetish or?

Hi all magazine lovers! I see all of you guys here loving your magazines. But do you have any other fetish besides magazinefetish? For me I have a few. I also have a strong fetish about make-up,  I love watching girls do her make-up and turns out gorgeous. I see my sexual connection to fashion […]

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Nov 012016

Plenty of posts about the big monthly glossies but what about the weekly magazines? Currently HELLO magazine the best for glossiness in the UK with the same sized OK magazine second but some others like WOMAN and WOMANS OWN sometimes have a good cover for target practice too!

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