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  1. Its a lot easier question to answer when you have other motives for my I love photography, and I’m interesting in the fashion industry, and the photographers and models.

  2. Oh god what a cover!! I have to buy this when it hits the shops over here. I also love Dua Lipa. My cock starts to get erected now.

    Dude ,the same thing happen to me yesterday when I purcased Costume and Cosmopolitan. The cashier girl said “There is nothing better than some good reading don´t you think? I too likes to read Cosmopolitan” . I had to pause and when told her ” I prefer Vogue my self, but this cosmopolitan looks interesting.” ..Damn it was so intense and hot to chat about womans magazine with a female.

  3. Great cover but decided not to buy as it’s the thickness of a kids comic. Plus the editorial is in black and white. Not as good for getting hard. They should have saved her for next mo ths September issue.

    On the comme t post though. I would live to get a suggestive comment from a cashier.
    Though a couple of years back when buying a Elle,Cosmo double pack with Margot Robbie she struggled to get the bar code read. Which ended up with three women cashiers trying to get the double pack read. One had big white false calls on. That memory still gets me.

  4. Last time I had a discussion with an assistant was when Angelina Jolie got married and she was on the cover of Hello magazine. We talked about her dress and flicked through to look at the pictures inside. Unfort the shop was empty except us and as it wasnt local I’ve not been back since x

  5. Damn that is a hot cover and a hotter story! I have a similar time when I was buying a Cosmo magazine and the cashier said the same thing “you don’t strike me as a cosmo reader!” And I responded “oh what do I strike you more as?” And she said “maybe vogue?” And I was like “oh I should probably grab that one then too!” I was so turned on by that interaction that I’m surprised I waited til I got home to jack off!

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