So I hope you all keeping public contact at minimum and if you are and happen to be on lockdown. What do you got to keep entertained while waiting it out?

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  1. Where I live, I can actually see the magazinesale in total is gone up. The people is preparing for a stay at home, and that makes them buy magazines again. But else we just wait.

  2. I can imagine next mo ths magazine digital only!
    I did buy Vogue Jodie Comer, a double pack Good Housekeeping and Prima. I’ve always found d Kate Garraway hot.
    Also I got a ho.e shopping catalogue sent in but smaller than I hoped ot would be and very thin.
    It’s that SOSANDAR lot. Love the TV adverts.

  3. I wanna check some boxes in the basement, to look for some old and bigger otto catalogues. I collected them in the past, but now I think it’s time to show them some cock and cum again.

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