Yep I Like to do my own covers. Perhaps it is not your “cup of tea”, but I want to show you anyway.

I have done alot of these, but almost all are in my native lang.  But here is one in English.




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  1. Thats really well done! What software are you using to make these??
    I have thought the same would be a lot of fun to do but felt it has been overwhelming. Share your secrets!

  2. Nice work, I like it. Karlie’s a great choice, even if she is too sunny. Can you do a couple where you retain more of the fashion theme? I think it’s really hot to mostly have the typical, fashion-orientated bylines with a smattering of, er, … smut 🙂

      1. Oh shit man, yeah. Like that. I think the mix of that sassy, fun fashion theme mixed with sex (cocks, cunts and jizz), is just so hot.
        “Holiday Style – to earn cock”. Nice 😀

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