I wonder if any of you guys ever crossdress? I believe a bit of role play can make magazine reading even more enjoyable. Having done chores around the house for a whole day in my maids dress, I decided I had earned a little quality time with my favorite magazine. The feeling of the cold magazine against my pantyhosed legs was truly delightful!

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  1. Interesting topic.

    Maybe for at home fine. Also each to their own I say. I’ve dabbled with this. It gives me a huge erection to put on a womans pvc skirt or satin or velvety dress for magazine play. Only did this about 3\4 times. But I have had massive organisms doing this. With the magazines I also love rubbing myself with stilettos and patent or metallic clutch bags and handbags. Again my experiences are incredibly intense in a good way.

    I would.in no way take it outside!!

    Weird though how if a bloke dresses as a woman its acceptable he should not be made uncomfortable or have anything said to him as in rude. Even though he looks like a holy show.

    But if a few blokes want to dress as woman for say a stag do or other form of self entertainment. This is deemed wrong . Which I thi k is unfair especially when you can see there is no malicious intent. They are going about there night out the same as the bloke that wants to be a she.

    1. Pvc and satin are so sexy materials! And adding clutch bags and stilettos to the play only enhances the experience of femininity.

      Sure, you should only crossdress in public in you want to (and you should be aware that you might offend someone, although it shouldn’t hold you back…). I’ve attended some fetish partys wearing my maids outfit, but normally I just keep it for the private sphere…

      1. Bizarrely though we’d be seen as weird.. I think if it’s in private so what. We’re not creeping anyone e out.

        But those folk that go on Naked Attraction or Sex Box. Like WTF!?

  2. Really love the look of this magazine. I’m often in at least lingerie beneath my male clothes when im out and LOVE being seen buying, carrying and reading my gorgeous magazines in public xxx

    1. Sounds great! I still find it hard to go out and buy a women’s magazine in a store. Sure, I do it regularly, but I feel SO embarrassed every single time (but also sexually aroused by the feeling of humiliation). When I stand in line to pay, I try to hide the front cover, so that people around me can’t see what I’m holding. But once it is finally my turn to pay, it’s impossible to hide my fetish any longer! I try to lay down the magazine on the counter in a casual, self confident way, but when my eyes meet those of the pretty sales girl, my cheeks inevitably blush. That is the worst part – and the best!

      Actually, I have never dared to sit down and read a women’s magazine in public. But the thought really turns me on. Next time I travel by metro or train, I will challenge myself to do it!

      1. I miss that
        I no longer get the same rush
        I must be too used to it. Although it’s a bit embarrassing
        It used to give me a major erection until I got home. I would climax intensely . Wwisj I could still experience the same level of humiliation.

  3. YES! I love to dress up in my leather dresses, jackets and skirts and pleasure myself with my favorite magazines, it’s such a big turn on!…. I must confess though that I do go out late at night dressed up all sexy and I take a fashion magazine and walk around my neighborhood. it’s soooo fun and sexy, and a bit of an adrenaline rush

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