I’m sure this is a foregone answer. But i’ve always wondered when a model, singer or actress agrees to be a cover girl for fashion magazines. Do thy know their faces and bodies are going to be worshipped by lots of cock and do they they will given facials and shots to their outfits and shoes? When there is a big lipstick ad in the magazines surely Natlie Portman and J Lawrence know they are going to devour lots of bukakke?

Matbe they are happy about it and secretly like it? Maybe they show off to each other like. I can imagine at the MTvs J-LO bumping into Beyonce and saying hey did you see me on Elle last month? I sold more that your cosmo etc etc? I wonder?


Any thoughts.

I at least defo beleive when i buy a fashion mag and pay for it via a good looking female till operator she must think mm why you buying this. I quite like that!!

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  1. When i have some magazines spread out over the bed, i can imagine the celebs are looking straight at me as I dress in lingerie, knowing what I am and what I do, laughing and encouraging me…..
    I love it when the pretty assistant com.ents on my magazine choice and i make it clear it’s for me, but never as far as why i love them so much….

  2. I’ve always thought that any woman who allows her image to be copied and sold to anyone who wants it should it expect to have it used they way we do..
    and yes, I too love being figured out at the counter

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