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  1. I dont think so, though I like to fantasize about it sometimes.

    The reason we have the fetish I think, is the first time we got a hard on, was seeing a gorgeous woman on a cover. Or maybe a girl in lingerie, and our brain associate that with cumming.

    Same reason some people like balloons or dressing in girls clothes.

    And since most girls dont get of, when seeing another woman, and for them, they could just buy the magazine, nothing weird with that. I dont think they have the fetish like we do.

    I know girls that love magazines, but not in a sexual way

    1. +1…

      I do think some women absolute love magazines but like above, not in the way we do. My gf adored getting special issues from magazines like Vogue collections, september issues and to my surprise, any mag with a really good cover.

      Sexually we used to play with magazines and she was interested but they had to have absolutely beautiful women in the cover/editorials to turn her on. Example: https://forums.thefashionspot.com/threads/vogue-espa%C3%B1a-august-2019-adriana-lima-irina-shayk-by-luigi-iango.393051/

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