I have bought many of my magazines on second hand online stores. You can buy tonns of magazines for cheap. Which page do you know?

One of my favorite is the Austrian willhaben page. Can you suggest any others?

From this guy i have bought many, and he can find special magazines too, if you tell him a good price. He operates mainly in EU.


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  1. I bought most of my collection used. I just don’t want to spend too much on magazines. After all, I don’t really need the contents to be up to date.

  2. I think half of my collection is from second hand. I like them new and used.

    The thrill of going to get a new magazine, new editorials, fresh covers and so on.

    On the other part, I get from used magazines old covers that I missed buying and knowing that a women spent her time reading all those pages turns me on even more. Occasionally, I found notes or annotations from previous owners. I find it very cute.

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