Jun 192020

Just wondered after playing with my latest gift. If you get a magazine which has two or a gift. Do yous ever play with the polythene bag. I do. I used to always love the little card slip that would combine a magazine and small supplement that would go together.

Also when you buy magazines from ebay what’s the most you’d pay?. Do you laugh at people wanting $£6 plus or up to $£50 per magazine. Unless its proper iconic like Vogue 100 year edition type of magazine.

  2 Responses to “Do you ever play with the bag?”

  1. YES! I also love those glossy bags and must have about 30 or so from when woman and womans own would come together with the titles printed across the all over. I will try and do some pics for you tomorrow xxx

  2. Ooft! Is this a Tesco special offer? need to get this set asap!

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