hi so if your like me and buy few mags off ebay amazon etc how much do u spend. For me £30 a month or like the lady in westerham 20 mags £20

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  1. I’ve spent quite a LOT on COSMO’s over the years. I once bought over 220 of the same issue of COSMO – just couldn’t stop myself! So that was over $1,600! Yeah it was one crazy night! I was in a total COSMO frenzy. It happened over one night – the very night COSMO was being delivered to convenience stores and supermarkets.
    I’ve paid over $150 for very rare COSMO’s like the Gia Carangi issues and the very first US COSMO with Helen Gurley Brown as editor (I so love HGB!).

  2. I do not like these pissing contests. Every time I try to write an answer I end up sounding like a massive asshole. Fine, I spend a lot. I think it’s fine to buy a £100 magazine. I’ve done that a lot. Worse yet I suppose, magazines I bought for maybe 95p or whatever that I could sell for £400, I still cum on them instead… “opportunity loss” is real, but it’s not as real as actual loss.
    I’ve developed expensive tastes, for me, the taboo is waste and loss. I get my best cum episodes when I cum on something I can never replace, or pay a girl to destroy it against her body. I’m more into porn than glamour, so you don’t need to worry about whatever a super rare, never see it in a lifetime, magazine I might have. I do have some magazines of that ilk, I went through a Lily Cole phase some years ago, I bought a lot of Jeurgen Teller mags and whatever arty crap she was getting her tits and bits out in… to them, they call it art, to me, it’s something to jizz on and throw in a fire. I’ve caught so much shit in my inbox when people see the things I’ve destroyed I’ve just stopped even taking pictures so much.
    I suppose my latest muse is old catalogues… Next directories, that sort of thing.. the paper is a little bit too hard for my full enjoyment, but it’s still a win pretty much all the time…

    1. I absolutely agree with you on those points! I’ve had so many collectable and amazing magazines in my time but when I get that urge there’s just no saving them.
      I have a couple of girlfriends (one in the UK and one in Canada) who destroy magazines for me and there’s nothing like it.
      Also Cumming all over a gorgeous issue for me is one of the biggest turn ons ever.
      Sometimes I love shredding certain issues and ripping them apart but for me seeing a girl completely destroy some of my favourite magazines is just heavenly

      1. My favourite exgf figured out how horny it drove me when she destroyed my rare porn mags and that was a very expensive couple of years! Another ex got so pissed at my mags she once tried to crush Jo Guest down the bathroom sink plug hole… she found herself getting fucked stupid for that, alas she was just angry and did not make a connection. Putting magazines in the shredder is great fun… I’ve tried a kitchen blender and food processor… fun, yet not spectacular. Fire is usually good, although.. surprisingly difficult to light fires without attracting attention. My fault for living in a city I suppose.
        For now, I mostly pay girls to make videos of them destroying porn mags. So far only 1 girl ever let me send her mags to destroy. My current drive is to find a girl who will let me film her doing it. I’ve got a girl who does, but non-nude only, which is actually great for me since I am all about the mags, not the girl. Yet I carry on searching. Fickle as I am… the next “big thing” is just around the corner.

        1. how about me using all my mags an newspaper while you video me u can pour 4 bottles of baby oil over me as u video guaranteed me having orgasm not touching my cock with my hand

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