just bought these honeys from eBay…

looking forward to a good time 😍😍😍

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  1. Nice post.

    One of the thi gs I love about buying fashion magazines from Ebay is:
    You receive a magazine that someone else probably female has bought.
    Then that person has to envelop and post it to you.
    It great if they leave a feedback telling you to enjoy! The item you have bought.
    Also I love to leave them a feedback telling them I will love the magazine!!
    All of this is a turn on.

    1. I know. I ended up practically being a penpal of a woman who sold me a lot of magazines on eBay. We used to talk about our favourite mags and celebs. It never got sexual but you could tell she knew it was a turn on for me. She used to send me freebie magazines in addition to the ones I’d ordered. She’d be like “I picked this one because I knew you’d like it”. Made me so hard.

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