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Last weekend, I was sorting some of my old ELLE magazines, in order to put some of them on sell. So I had to flip each one to check which one I wanna keep or not.
Then I realized (actually since a long time) that ELLE was much more better before. They dare more, they were more free to publish whatever they want, with a touch a feminism. And the dimension was a little bit bigger as well (until 2008 approximatly).
Here are some pictures of the magazines I was checking that day. And trust me, they are not the best! I have more which look even better!

Don’t hesitate to let me know in the comment if it was the same case in your country, about the magazines were better before, or is it nowadays.

So sorry for the poor quality and the **** light reflecting sometimes.

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  1. I have to agree with you. ELLE back in 1999 to 2005 was undeniably the best years here in Sweden. I started subscribing to ELLE 1999 by the way.
    I cancel my subscribing in 2010, nowadays i just buy ELLE when a sexy girl is on cover. The Ads was better too.

  2. Just like to add that in that period existed mags like the italian Amica and Goia very hot and bigger and thicker formats to enjoy much better pics, more nude and facial pics and then also the uk mag called She, all disapeared from the scene but a lot more and nicer hotter pics. Still have some that I kept for my hot sessions. I also like to tape them around my body with transparant tape and then to ride them lying on them fucking it, between the mag taped and another to ly down using a pillow to get more sensation while fucking !!

  3. These ELLE issues realy look hot and glossy !

    I remember that ELLE US was bigger in dimensions and had a better paper quality until the early 90’s.

    ELLE UK was much bigger than today, until the mid 2000’s – I still have many September & March issues, which were a great turn-on to play with.

    Vogue UK was also bigger through the 90’s, and by the late 90’s it also had a great improvement in the paper quality – I really liked it then…
    Since then it declined its size and paper quality to the nowadays format, which is also pretty good, but still…

    Vogue Japan (Nippon at the time) was bigger and of a very high paper quality until 6-7 years ago. I still have some very appreciated copies from back then.

    German Vogue was also bigger in the 90’s.

    Vogue Russia had a much thicker September & March issues (with a unique strong smell, which I liked a lot).

    Not to mention Marie Claire Italia, that its September/October issues were the biggest, thickest and heaviest in the busineSs (Amica Italia, too).

  4. Happy to see that not only me think the same about old magazines. But I’m also sad to see that most of countries have changed about editorials and dimensions of the magazines… Well, no choice we have to accept, and fortunatly, still remains many good ones!

  5. How gorgeous I have Never had a session with French Elle, I have dreamed of having their latest issues penetrating me from both ends injecting glossy fem fashion into my body. Italian Marie Claire and Italian ELLE are gorgeous thick and perfumed publications in September and October love them covering my body in their glossy soft pages.

  6. Fully agree with you, it was the golden age of ELLE in France!!!
    One Fashion issue with Emmanuelle Béart is wow…
    New ELLE France cover is a disaster: made of recycled paper

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