So got an empty house for a few days. Seen this bundle of Old Cosmos had to have them. Always fancied the thought of a woman packaging more than one magazine for me . For just a few pounds.

This for me was when Cosmopolitan was Cosmopolitan at it’s best ever . They have never been the same. Enough big advert pictures inside plus big cum all over my face covers. Also it was great when it was real models.

The others I just got greedy!!! I’m having a big blow out before I’m feeling too old or the kids a re getting too big or around the house too often to really have the chance to indulge.

That aside I have to give kudos to Abby Clancy on the Instyle magazine. If checked this out on ebay for years. I had to have her. I just love the pose . She is basically sitting quite angry looking and gesturing with her hand that, well what we are. Pervy wankers. But she just got a load all on her legs and face.

The others Karen Elsom. Gwen, Julianne Karolina. Are just ones again I.look at often on Ebay. But sometimes you just know the inside with be great and the thickness,? Mmmmmmm delightful.

Add some stilettos hmmm.

By Friday I’m cock is going to be a wrinkled prune.

You dirty pervs. Xx

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  1. All Awesome, love the thickness of them. I miss those times a lot.
    I too would be playing these every hour. Thinking of different new ways to get to the climatic zone

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