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      1. Cool
        Must say I thingi miss about no hols this year is watching woman reading their magazines by the pool.
        Even better if they have them in a metallic gold tote bag with matching gold strappy wedges or sandals. Oh and nice nails.
        Take care.

        1. Mmm hard one. The Elle is thin and editorial of Duain black and white not so good for the erection. I’ve never had a Michelle Keegan b4 and will probably buy her during the month. I love Kate Garraway had her a few times.
          So I’ll give my favourite to Fern. Recently got the Woman and Home ages on. For 62 years old. She looks like she still likes the taste!

          They should have left Dua for the September issues

      1. It would be so beautiful to feel their gorgeous glossy covers and pages cocooning our bodies and their wonderful aroma surrounding the air around us as we become one within the magazines heaven?

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