Many of us have had the feeling for women’s magazines since childhood. Did your mothers ever find one of her magazines in your room? and how did she react?

My own mother discovered one of her magazines in y room, she asked why i had it, and as a emergency-reply i said “There was an article in there, which topic we are working in school” she accepted it and i was off the hook. ppppeeeeeewwww that was close 🙂

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  1. I was caught many times for hiding magazines by my mother, my sister and my partners — luckily never caught masturbating, but I need to admit I have had many prostitutes who liked my games and even liked playing with my magazines. I even have one now that likes rolling it up and inserting it in her pussy and letting me lick it

      1. Yes I find it very exciting to see them fucking these magazines – I also bought a video from evamaria in manyvids and she does the same and even produce juices while fucking them Elle and Marie-Claire

  2. I also got caught many times by my mom, hiding her magazines under my bed. 100% she know my fetish. Many times she notice the sticky pages in her magazines, I even heard she sweared out loud one time, when I accidentally had cummed inside her unread new issue of ELLE.

  3. As I wrote previously I used to “borrow” Elle and sometimes Vogue from my mother when I was young. I remember the steamy hot nights with them! When I moved out, by a surprise, she subscribed Elle to me for one year as she got a special “friend subscription” offer. She told that throughout years she has noticed my special interest in her magazines.

  4. yup, by my current GF. It was a few years ago when I was working on a sunday evening…. Messages and photos began to arrive, ask me what the hell were the vogue magazines I had hidden above the closet (I even had some pieces of feminine lingerie). I tried to explain it how I could. She eventually understood and we even played with magazines for a couple of years.

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