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We all have our own favourite and personal preferences when it comes to magazines. For some it’s the model on the front, or the glossiness of a magazine, or even the smell. For me, my absolute favourite attraction about a magazine is obviously the smell and feel, but it has to be face close ups. You know, those pages where most of the page is taken up by a beautiful face. I love to bring them close to my face and kiss and smell them, rub my cock on their mouths whilst pleasuring myself. Sadly, I have ruined so many pages and magazines from doing this, but when I’m in the moment, I simply can’t help it!

Anyone else in to this? What’s your favourite thing about magazines? I’d love to hear them.

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  1. Youd probably have had a better response if most of your replies to others hadn’t been so rude or just making comments about their grammar.

    1. Hey “Jackie”, hope you’re well. I’ve not long posted it, as you know, it can take a while at times to get responses. I have to say though, you were very quick, well done! Unfortunately, I’m not really sure what you meant by that comment, but oh well. Have a great day.

  2. I’m kind of new to the magazine world, so I don’t really see any difference when it comes to the smell or feel between different magazines. But if you ask me about the images, it’s probably the half-body, waist-up shots. Would be even better if they’re looking straight at the camera or smiling. Unfortunately, most of the runway models tend to have this serious look on their face, so they’re quite rare.

    And yes, I’ve ruined a lot of magazines too, I’ve make it a habit to pick at least two of the same magazines, so if one gets ruined I’d still have a backup

  3. MagFace, I can barely masturbate to a womans magazine if the issue isnt include a close up faces :-). I always go for face up covers when I purcase.
    My need is to cum on their faces. Yes! I Also have ruined many magazine because of that

  4. Know exactly what your writing about. I love the smell of my Cosmo’s – in particular the 1970’s Aussie issues and the US issues up until the late 90’s/early 00’s. The paper was a certain type that smells so lovely and just triggers me. I have a stack of Cosmo’s by my bedside table and whilst my partner is sleeping, I’ll put Cosmo’s on my chest and open one over my face whilst I quietly masturbate. I’ve almost been caught a couple of times – which adds to the excitement!

    When we still had Cosmo here, I’d buy a LOT of the issues I loved. Often I’ve actually bought over 100 issues with over 200 being the record! I had this thing back then to go out to secret places out in the country, park my car and walk into the bush with lots of Cosmo’s and lay them all out on the ground. I’d then pour Johnsons baby shampoo, baby lotion and baby oil all over myself and lay on top of the Cosmo’s and masturbate – it was OUT OF THIS WORLD! I almost got caught once by a couple of parks workers who had been cutting down trees. I thought I had hidden well enough away from them, but they must have seen me and went to investigate. Luckily I hadn’t started masturbating and when asked what was I doing I just said reading during my lunch break! They then went off and I left as well having had them ruin my fun for the day!

    These days I walk around in public wearing my custom made COSMO dresses. These are satin slips with printed images of COSMO covers on them – so luxurious to wear and I’ve had so many women complement me on them which is awesome. Some people take their dog for a walk – I take my Cosmo’s for a walk!

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