Imagine the thought?!

A holiday resort by the beach hot weather with a particular theme. Fashion magazines???

Iwas thinking thislast night and in the morning.

Room or suites themed like say:a Vogue. Bazaar, Elle, Cosmopolitan room. Where the decor , bed covers, are in the magazine theme.

With maids that bring you room service in the morning especially if you book a “wake up call”

Imagine themed salons for “play”. The sissyroom where you can get dressed up in sissy gear. Before playing !

Around the pool area where woman are on sunloungers in hot swimsuits reading magazines waiting to be joined by a guest needing magazine attention? And they are happy to oblige.

A CFNM room for if you want to be humiliated whether a little or a lot. Like being spanked with magazines

Book a session in the JOI room where3/4 hot woman tell you what to do. Like dry humping their patent handbag while holding magazines up to you !

Or Icon rooms where the room for pleasure is in famous woman. Like say The Madonna room. Kate Moss. The magazines and wallpaper is all in that fashion Icon?

An alternative room for if you want high heel or boot jobs while a maid flicks the pages of a magazine.

Night time the woman where sexy evening dresses with matching stilettos, nails etc.

Nightly catwalk shows of woman in hot fashion

A make up room where you an watch the woman getting their makeup on while sitting in like a dentist chair being gently stroked.

Also the area for our LBG friends who wish to act out together

Each room filled with magazines and toys. Scented with perfume also. Maids to clean up all the time, tuck you into bed

Situated somewhere like Paris as it screams fashion though doesn’t have a beach! But for my fantasy, yes.

Though the only rule, no minors! Or minimum age of 21 ! Though if it really existed and I was 14/15 I’d be saving up my cash!!

What do you guys think? Anything missed or that could be added.

So who wants to visit my resort??

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  1. I know its not the same but I tend to go to a (all female) dentist office…. The waiting room has nothing but girly mags: latin american vogue, HB, Elle and one national “revista Ohlala”. Its a dream come true and very hard not to look aroused, especially when the dentist clearly is a fashion lover.

    1. Oh my dentist usually has some Elle’s. It’s a s.all waiting room. But there usually iunder a table with the spines on show so you can see what they are. . But then there are golf and car magazine on top. So it’s a nuisance! It’s in a corner with two chairs on either side hard to access!
      I get an urge to see which cover girls are on the Elles

  2. Sounds great! One thing I love doing is wearing my Cosmo slip dresses, going down the beach and pouring baby oil all over myself. My slip dresses are custom made for me and are satin with Cosmo covers printed on the outside. I’m in heaven walking around in public down the beach like this. So I’M in if there is cross-dressing and beauty makeover rooms as well.

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