This other day I filled my tub with warm water, brought about 15 Vogues, Marie Claires and others of my glossy fashion magazines collection, and plunged in together with them – I was having a magazines soup !
I spread them all over my wet body and my face. Then I started rubbing my dick against some of the magazines, enjoying the strange new feeling of the magazines on me, getting soaked, soft and very heavy, with a very strong odor emerging out of them as they were “melting” in the water.
My orgasm was quick and intense.
After that I just remained lying there motionless, savoring the moment and enjoying the gentle tingles all over my skin, sent by the soaked magazines clutching my body.


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  1. Ha, I also used to do that, but only with one Vogue!
    Or sometimes, I like to read them during my bath and simply touch myself in the same time.

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