Do you guys have your go to cummy magazines? I have a few that I cycle through a few times. I love having a couple go to magazines that I can reliably go cum on. Theyre usually ones that my wife discards easy. Theyre lower print quality so I dont feel bad soaking them in cum.

These are my current cummy magazines. I usually end up buying mulitple copies of them as well. I love being able to soak one and move on to another copy. They dont last long though! A couple cum sessions and theyre tossed.

Maybe I love giving these glossies facials because my wife doesnt like them that much!20180206_234138 20180206_23421420180206_234446 20180206_234259 20180206_234646


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  1. In my younger days I had a couple Sports Illustrated Swimsuit editions and a copy of Cosmo Girl with Sarah Michelle Gellar on it that I would let my cum dry in, but then I started licking my cum up every time I masturbate and swallowing it. So My magazines are all pretty clean now because I don’t let my cum go to waste!

  2. very, very hot post! I’ll generally pick a nice weighty mag and re-cum it til it turns into a warped, disfigured cum brick. Currently doing the March 2017 issue of Paris Vogue.

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