Ok another one.

Does anyone have like a favorite colour combo on the magazine cover?

Eg I’m not a big fan of yellow, Orange or green as in the titles name colour or the story names.

But I absolutely love the gold colour. If the model is wearing like a gold dress etc and the title is written gold I’m very into them. I definitely can’t refuse buying these ones over the years. When I think of past magazines I’ve had I always think of the gold ones. Like Sarah Jessica Parker has do e some covers where she is wearing metallic gold clothes. .

Anyway I bit random maybe some of ypu resonate maybe some don’t. Yhe pinks and reds are always hot 🔥. But definitely sometimes if the colour combo is not inviting I tend not to buy it.

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  1. I agree with color. Pink and brighter blues are my favorite background colors I like bold color titles on the lighter blues while I can go with anything on the pink covers.

  2. Silver, pink or gold lettering. Pink, light blue or red backgrounds. I don’t like green, yellow, orange, or grey. Purple seems uncommon.

  3. This is actually an interesting question to think about it.

    Looking back into my best collections, pastel colours seem to do it for me. My favourite pages / covers / pictures are dominated by purple, pink, peach, and…. cyan, pastel hues of course. Outside those there’s also plenty of black (coming from newspapers, black colour seems to have thicker ink and thus different “surface”, it’s slightly rougher than other colour and actually “feels” better).

    The pastel colour can be anywhere, background, the letters, or the model’s clothes. I don’t have any specific colours that are “turnoff” for me, but there are serious lack of bright glossy colours in my collection (we’re talking blood red, sky blue, leaf green, etc. No white either)

    That said, my best experiences have been in black, pink, and cyan colours, in that order.

    I don’t have any preferences for the clothes either, but there’s a suspiciously large amount of polkadots and party dresses. And massive amount of models with short hairs (not a barber so I don’t know what they’re called, but I can give you an example).

    To be fair, my single best collection as of now is a full page advertisement for a department store, showing a model in bright red party dress in black background with gold letters. She’s looking straight at the camera in a “surprised” pose. I acquired it over a decade ago, and have been in eternal conundrum with myself whether to “use” it or not. It must be one hell of an experience to pull one off with that one, but then I only have one so…. I’d settle for lesser pages.

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