Many people waited many years for polish Vogue. And we finally have it. It was also good message for me.
First issue

First cover. Piece of shit. For me cover is very important. And that issue don’t makes me horny.

Second. As far the best cover. And i thought about buying it but, not for that price 😉

Third. Almost as above, but not enough.

Fourth. Girl on the cover isn’t sexy for me. Maybe if someone would give me as a gift i could play with it.

And last cover. Summer issue for two months (july-august). I like the actress on the cover, sexy photp. I thouhgt it would be my first time with Vogue. But cover isn’t glossy. So again, maybe next one will make me hard.

I’m waiting for your thougts about those covers in comments or maybe simililar words about other magazine in your country 😉 Sorry for my english and cheers.

P.S. Yeah my words are a little bit bitter (Polish team lost second match on Championship) but im just disappointed.

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  1. I’m sorry you’re disappointed. I’m sure you’ll enjoy some of the subsequent issues. I like the second cover, and after Adwoa’s cover and ed in UK Dec 2017 Vogue, I’m interested in everything she does.

  2. Sometimes when a cover does not convince me but its content do, I try to think like a woman and be interested in the magazine anyways. In my country, many of the international titles are hard to get or very expensive. Usually, I buy Vogue Mexico / Spain and Glamour / HB Latinoamerica. Although I like a good cover, I’m excited to have my new girly magazines every month 🙂

    With regard to Vogue Poland, I would definitely have bought Eva’s or Natalia’s issues, they are legends….

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