Oct 252016

This was my first magazine I actually bought for myself. Jackie was THE magazine for teenage girls in the UK and ran for some 40 years. This definately shaped my future and my love and passion for all things fem and glossy


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  1. It is actually an interesting process, first you must accept your interest in girly magazines, and then there must be a cover that is sooo wonderfull, that you must buy the magazine.
    But for me, i realized it when a saw a young woman read a magazine. Do you remember when you noticed women reading their magazines??


    • I had a mother that read Woman, Woman’s Own, Cosmopolitan and Company and an older sister that read all the teen magazines like Jackie, Blue Jeans and Girl, so there was always plenty of magazines around to ‘borrow’, and living on an estate and some stunning summers there were often girls out in the sun looking through their magazines

      • What about your sister? did she read your mothers magazines?
        And have you seen them buy the magazines

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