May 262019


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  9 Responses to “First post, hope you like”

  1. I crave those gorgeous glossy shinny pages?

  2. Hot! Love those glossies creamed.

  3. Always good to share a climax between the girls

  4. Oh, nice to see some spunk on some Australian mags. That Sophie Turner MC has a nice little Hair Special supplement with some gorgeous girls in it, doesn’t it? I’ve been enjoying that!

  5. I do like your first post! Thnx, don’t mind to see more.

  6. Beautiful magazines, all of them!

  7. Love that ELLE with Margot! Can you do a post of that issue and her spread? I dont often get to see the aussie editions!

    Theyre all so pretty! I dont blame you for shooting those loads on them

  8. Looks delish! I’d love to slurp up all that cum!

  9. Hot, would love some of these mags 🙂

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