Hello all my fellow mag-friends 🙂

Does any of you remember the very first time you bought your first womans magazine ? where and when aand where you hid it in your home.

My first was in 1996 i noticed a woman in the train who was reading the new Alt for damerne (All for the ladies) and on my way home from school the very same day i bought it, paid quickly and down in the schoolbag. I remember it like yesterday. ANd i his it in a briefcase under my bed.


When was your first? 🙂

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  1. Oh yes I remember my first magazine I bought by myself. .It was in the summer of 89 or 90,it is hard to tell. But I remember how horny I was,A issue of Damernas Värld with a gorgeous girl with makeup on the cover .I bought it, Hard as a rock I went in to a forest near by, masturbated to it and had a wonderful orgasm.

  2. The first womens magazine i bought was Womans Own back in 1982 when I was 14. This was obviously way before the Internet and back then was the magazine all women bought. I couldn’t wait to be part of that and, with various breaks from it here and there, I continue to buy it along with Woman magazine every week xxx

      1. Mum wasn’t a big magazine reader at that time but when I was younger there were always Woman, Womans Own, Cosmopolitan and Company magazines for mum and Jackie, Blue Jeans and Girl magazines for my sister.

    1. I love this comment as I always use to read my mums woman and womans own and one week she just stopped buying it so I started to buy them and womans weekly and I’ve bought them every week plus a fair few others ever since.

  3. My mother used to subscribe both local and international Women’s magazines and I grew with them reading them openly and doing other things with them less openly 😉 She had obviously noticed my interest in them, since later when I moved to another town to study she subscribed Elle for me for one year. I found it very nice to have it posted to me every month with my name on it. The first magazine bought was when I was around twenty. Passing a newsstand I saw a local Women’s magazine Anna with a gorgeous cover which I knew instantly that I need to have it. I went and bought it and found buying the magazine very exiting with others seeing my purchase. The saleslady even commented about the cover and how great it looked. I wonder if she noticed my hands shaking slightly with the excitement.

      1. Not exactly. We sometimes briefly discussed what we had seen or read on the magazines. She sometimes asked my opinion about fashion pictures, which was in a way exiting to me. I still remember blushing when she did so☺️

  4. OH YES,I remember it like it was yesterday.I stopped by to see a girl who was sitting on her porch.I liked talking with her.She was a few years older than my but we were good friends.While we were sitting there talking the mailman put mail in her box.She went out and get the mail.She got her Seventeen magazine in the mail and she was so happy because she likes to look at all the new fashions.I was 14 yrs old at the time.I was sitting next to her and she started looking through the Seventeen magazine.She would tell me the fashions in the magazine she liked alot.Then she would ask me if I like it.She went through the whole magazine and we talked about the pretty dresses and girls clothes in it.While we were doing this I was getting a hard on looking at the magazine.After I left to go home I was thinking how excited it was looking at Seventeen magazine I got my money and went to a store and bought my own copy of Seventeen.I took it home and went into my bedroom,no one else was home,and I looked through it by myself.At this same time I got interested in girls panties and bras.I took pair of panties from the next doors girl I liked a lot.So while in my bedroom as I looked at MY Seventeen magazine I took my pants off and put on the panties.I was so hard then.The panties felt so smooth on me and I rubbed the magazine on my skin and it got my very hard so I played with my hard penis and I came right away.It felt so good I did it every day.I kept my Seventeen magazine hide in my dresser under my clothes.After a few months I had a stack of Seventeens there.Now I have many different women’s fashion magazines I like but Seventeen is my favorite of them all.I have had subscriptions for many years but a couple years ago the stopped printing it damb it.I look at Seventeen site but it is now the same feeling the magazine paper on me.Now I still have many Seventeens I have saved.Now I look at them and dress up in my girls’ clothes and masturbate.I love it. XOXO Sharon

    1. You can say you are lucky to be born at a time, were girl generaly bought and read more magazines than today. What about you mother or other female relatives? Wasn’t there any magazines in your childhood home?

  5. My mother got Cosmopolitan, the first hint of my turn on was catching a glimpse of a lingerie ad as she was looking thru it. I then secretly got hold of it and experimented with my feelings and excitement. It became a weekly thing, if I could get away with one. Then she started getting Glamour, that just started the fire that really never left me.now I did buy the playboy and penthouse for years but always circled back to women’s fashion magazines. The first one I bought was when I was about 16, Glamour and Mademoiselle magazines of the late 70’s. Hot!

  6. My first orgasm was masturbating with a Cosmopolitan Australia July 1978 – I will never forget that! It had been loaned to my mother by a friend of the family. I immediately fell in love with Cosmo and remain so to this day – and I have thousands of Cosmo’s from across the world in my collection.

    So the very first Cosmo I bought was actually travelling my myself in 1981 – a US Cosmo. I felt so alive, so grown up buying and reading Cosmo in public. So those experiences lead to a life long love affair with Cosmo.

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