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  1. Yes more! is my all time favourite!

    Ever since I was 13 I started to have that urge to read them.. I never had any sisters so when I was around my friends houses who had sisters I’d keep an eye for them and would instanstly get hard!

    Then when I was 16 I celebrated the year 2000 coming in with my friends family, after getting drunk and going to sleep in the spare bedroom I had a lil quick scout around and under the bed I was amazed to see it right there! The millennium edition of more! magazine, right there and whilst I was in a room alone and in bed… my new millennium was made!!

    The best thing about it was the fact it belonged to the German exchange student who went home the week before and the magazine was open and folded open on the “hot fiction” double spread!

    I’d love to come across that issue again.

    more! for me has always been the best, just so incredibly sexy!

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