Hi my fellow magazinelovers.

Do you remember the first time you saw a woman buying a magazine and got turned on by it??

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  1. Sorry i dont. But i do remember the first time i bought my first magazine. Around 11 years old, I was soo aroused and my penis was erected in my pants.

  2. My first times I stole from a supply stored in the cellar from the neighbours like I was six year old …Then later I start buying in the local news shop so called for my mother….But my first arousal started long before I could ever have an erection like 5 or 6 years.

  3. The first time I became aware of my passion to fashion magazines was when I was about 13 and found my mother’s German BURDA S/S 1977 issue.
    It was big and glossy, and had a strong smell that was new and exciting for me.
    I stole it from my mother and hid it as well as I could, and enjoyed it every night until it was completely destroyed…
    I bet she wandered what ever happened to her BURDA… ;).

    About 18 years later I was on a trip to Venice with my wife.
    While roaming the beautiful streets of the city I suddenly noticed a very pretty and coquettish brunette girl with long hair and very well dressed.
    She was strutting towards us in glossy red pumps, embracing to her chest with both hands a big & thick issue of AMICA ITALIA.
    As she was quite small the magazine clutched in her hands looked even bigger.
    I was so aroused on the spot ! I had some hard time trying to hide my erection from my wife walking beside me, and after several deep breaths I regain my calm.
    I remember this girl with her AMICA magazine vividly until today, and I can definately say that all of my other encounters with any other woman carrying a magazine was not as arousing as that, ever since.

    1. To nusnus: I used to buy Amica the italian magazine for years – untill it disapeared…what a pity, it was so sexy and thick with the most wonderfull pics. I used it often to tape it around my body then go out to buy more mags…

  4. I can imagine that there is something special about the first magazine, that is starting the fetish. But have you ever changed your favorite magazine or is it allwayes the same you comme back to??? 🙂

  5. My first ever mag was woman’s journal uk mag, but have never found it since,pity it was very sexy, still got a picture of it in my mind and that was 20 years ago

  6. I remember when I was 16 and seeing two girls buy a Cosmo – as it turned out it was the last one and I missed out. They were both giggling and laughing about the articles they were reading on the aeroplane sitting near me. I was mad that they bought the last issue and I missed out!

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