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  1. I can do this but it means I have to buy another one first! I do like to keep my magazines in unmarked condition but happy to play with them if I have more than one copy

    1. Jeg synes du pÃ¥ en veldig fin mÃ¥te hjelper til Ã¥ illustrere forskjellen pÃ¥ mobbing og slikt som man mÃ¥ prøve Ã¥ heve seg over.Heller ikke jeg vil skrive under pÃ¥ fjasete kampanjer, men siden jeg er sÃ¥ heldig Ã¥ være lærer, har jeg hele tiden anledning til Ã¥ jobbe for et godt miljø pÃ¥ skolen – og det er i grunnen mye viktigere.

    2. hola chicos los amos me encantaria conocerlos ? soy de capital federal me encantaria mandarle todos los dias un comentario pero lo que pasa que mi notebook se me rompio y ahora mi tengo otra pero todavia no tengo internet eta notebook es de mi mama cuando tenga internet en la mia todos los dias le voy a mandar ago

    3. They don’t have an “early view” or “online first” or whatever? Most journals I publish in (economics and environment) put papers online pretty quickly now once accepted though the official final page numbers can be a long time in coming. Also in economics working papers are standard and accepted form of circulation and are catalogued in major databases (SSRN and RePEc). The review process though from working paper to official publication is very slow.

    1. Great post! Question for you about polyquat 10… you wrote:It is removed well from your hair with water and surfactants (like those found in shampoos or conditioners), whereas polyquats 4 and 7 can build up slightly if you don't wash your hair well with a surfactant based product like a shampoo.So polyquat 10 is removed by surfactants, whereas Polyquats 4 and 7 can built up if not removed by surfactants? I don't see the distinction… is the difference that hair has to be washed well with surfactants to avoid buildup with polyquats 4 and 7, whereas polyquat 10 is removed really easily by surfactants?

  2. I love destroying duplicate issues.
    I sometimes purposely buy 2 or 3 just so i can have a little destructive fun.
    would love to see a woman trashing some of her magazines!

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