Gap Collections Prêt-à-Porter – Paris.
A japanese publication.
Super giant (see size comparison with Vogue US and POP & AnotherMagazine issues).
Very high quality of gloss with thick paper for all pages – and a fantastic unique strong smell which is typical for Japanese magazines like Vogue Japan.
Each issue has 450 pages – very heavy and yet – soft and flexible (“bendy”) in spite of the thick pages, due to its size and weight.
They feel awesome to masturbate with, splashing them al over my body (the size, the weight, the gloss, the huge model pics) – I love them so much !

P60619-081651 P60619-081735 P60619-081900 P60619-081942 P60619-082054 P60619-082211 P60619-082233 P60619-082248 P60619-082448 P60619-082552 P60619-082624 P60619-082635 P60619-082725 P60619-082759 P60619-082831 P60619-082907 P60619-083030 P60619-083156 P60619-083254 P60619-083340 P60619-085254 P60619-090403 P60619-090513 P60619-090528 P60619-090727 P60619-090744 P60619-090812

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  1. Wow! I remember I have saw this magazine in my country, but no more… If I knew it was excellent like that, I would definitly buy!
    I also know Gap Press, do you know it ? Is it same style?

    1. I am not familiar with Gap Press.
      About 1.5 years ago I stumbled on Gap Collections Prêt-à-Porter, in one shop only, and luckily enough I immediately bought these 2 issues
      (very expensive, BTW).
      I haven’t seen any Gap Collections issues in this shop, or elsewhere, ever since.

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