This month, I saw that Cosmo started to sell a low quality version of the magazine for 1 euro…the paper quality is very low and it just feels like carton…I bet this is the next test balloon and they are checking the market if people accept the bad quality to save some money. And I also bet that people will accept and the high quality version will disappear soon or later…next great german magazine which is killed…for my taste, not many magazines are left which I like…these bastards are killing my fetish and I hate this…

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    1. I loved the cheap feel of american cosmo though. It was way better print quality than the weekly, but really had a unique print quality to it. I love it.
      I saw cosmo uk go the same way as the carton type print and it sucks. I no longer like the uk version. Was really too bad.
      But I think the brand was all about it not being a strong fashion mag. More of the trashy, guilty pleasure magazine. Women dressed sexy and were revealing. It just works….at least for turning me on

      1. The US quality also has change in the last few years. Now it feels cheaper and the pages are not as soft nor they smell as good. I stopped buying them like 2 or 3 years ago.something that changes in the US is also where it was printed. Eventhough the content and cover might be the same, magazines are printed in different regional companies and they might differ in quality. Usually magazines in the Southwest are better than in the East.

  1. in the US, i guess the last two years ELLE has gone to different material pages. the glossyness no longer there. different feel, once one of my absolute favorites has gone by the wayside because of this.

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